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Audio Excerpts

I’ve recorded almost all of my books for you to listen to wherever you go if you like listening to books instead reading them. Well, listen to these audio excerpts and see what you think. There are more audio excerpts on specific book detail pages for you to hear too if you’d like to hear more audio samples of a particular book. When you buy the eBook version of a book, the audio version comes with it bundled together if the audio is available for that book. Some books aren’t recorded for certain reasons.

Interview Bart Smith via Phone / In-Person

Do you have a radio, podcast or TV show? Are you looking for a funny, entertaining, informative guest to be on your show? Consider interviewing Bart Smith for your next show. Whether you interview via phone, Skype or in-person, you will be so impressed to have Bart as a guest. Check out past interviews to get a feel for the kind of guest you’ll have. Your audience will love Bart! When you’re ready to go, request an interview. Then, pick a topic and get/print interview info, questions and artwork and you’re on your way to an awesome interview!

Video Book Tours, Trailers, Interviews & More

Soon you’ll be able to watch any number of videos related to my books, interviews, Q/A sessions, book trailers, tours and more. This is in addition to my video tutorials for and Sound Forge “Audio Studio recording/editing software. What better way to get acquainted with my books than to watch a book trailer or book tour of what you are about to read. I even have tours of this website so you can see where stuff is. So, stay tuned. Videos are coming ASAP!

Work With Bart Smith

What do you need help with? Check out my list of coaching, consulting and other services to see if I can be of assistance. You might need help with a book project you’re working on, website you want designed/revamped, audio recording/training, photography, video recording, interview training, brainstorming on a new book idea or need help with coming up with a book idea, … who knows! Everyone I work with knows I give 1,000% and push you to new heights creatively, in your website presence, book layout/cover design, you name it.


Articles & Checklists For Authors

Having written so many books, and helped others do the same, I’ve accumulated a lot of experience, skills, knowledge and checklists when it comes putting books together.

I think you’ll really dig these amazing articles, checklists and how-to reports for authors. No matter where you are on your journey writing your book, you’re sure to benefit from what you’re about to read, digest and act on!

Let me know what you think about the articles and checklists. Your feedback is helpful to me, always. Just leave a comment below the article. Can’t wait to read it! Video Tutorials

I don’t know who you use for printing your books, but I love using Sure, there are others, but do you know the benefits of using CreateSpace? Let’s start with the option of uploading unlimited manuscript changes without charge. How about cheap ($3-$7) charge per proof you’d like to order. A far cry from printers who only offer you ONE proof and charge you upwards of $30 for it. Yikes, sorry, not for me.

Also, CreateSpace has it’s own online digital proofer that allows you to proof your manuscript online before you submit it for printing inspection. Why is this important? Well, for those who work on books and upload them to CreateSpace like I do, I will be informed where any errors are to ensure my manuscript is accepted for printing on the first pass of inspection. If I find errors, using their digital proofer, I’ll go back to my original manuscript and make the corrections. I could go on about why I like using CreateSpace.

This series of video tutorials teaches you a lot about using them. How to create your account, add  title, upload your interior and cover files, accept them after review, order proof copies, drop ship copies to friends/customers and contact customer service.

Let me know what you think of the videos. Your feedback is helpful, always!

Audio Recording Video Tutorials

Sound Forge “Audio Studio” (by Magix) is by far my favorite choice when it comes to using an audio recording and editing software program to record and edit all my audio recordings. Sure, there are other programs on the market, but I prefer my Sound Forge “Audio Studio”. Check out my video tutorials below to learn all about this great audio recording/editing software.

In these videos, you’ll learn how to buy/install the software, connect your microphone, open a new recording window, start recording, edit your recording, read the audio recording symbols, use quick keys to speed up your using the software like I do, as well as, saving your audio recordings in WAV and MP3 audio file formats and why you should save in both. I explain!

Hey, your feedback is important to me. Let me know what you think of my audio recording/editing video tutorials.