CreateSpace Video Tutorials

18 CreateSpace Video Tutorials

Learn how to upload your book interior and front/back book cover files to for publishing on demand, order books to be shipped to yourself and your customers, as well as get listed on Amazon and other bookstore retailers and libraries.

I like using CreateSpace for its easy of uploading your manuscript and book covers. Then, once it’s uploaded, you can publish it quickly and even order unlimited proofs to yourself for just the cost of printing, unlike other printers that charge upwards of $30 per proof. OUCH!

Of course, there are other printers and publishers out there who can print your book. It all depends on what you’re printing (paperback/hardback), how many copies you want (and will pay for at a reduced rate the more you buy), etc. For me, getting started really quick, using CreateSpace is the way to go. From there, you can always take your book and publishing elsewhere after you’ve worked out all the details with printing, layout, etc.

SoundForge® “Audio Studio” Recording Video Tutorials

19 Recording Video Tutorials

Learn how to record, edit and save audio recordings of your book using SoundForge® “Audio Studio” like I do. These audio files can then be turned into an audio book for sale on your website, ACX, or other online stores that sell audio books.

While I’ve used other recording software before, I prefer SoundForge “Audio Studio”, instead Audacity, for example. If you get the chance to compare, you’ll see immediately why SoundForge® “Audio Studio” is better for recording/editing.

Now, for mixing? I’ll use Audacity or MixPad, as SoundForge® “Audio Studio” is best for audio recording and editing only.

OTHER VIDEO TUTORIALS I’m working on are Adobe InDesign (i.e., how I layout the interior pages of my books), Adobe Photoshop (i.e., how I edit/confirm image resolution for the printer for my book covers and interior images), Kindle (i.e., how I publish eBook version of my print books on Kindle), SmashWords (i.e., how I publish eBook version of my print books on SmashWords), as well as writing my book in Word (i.e., how I lay it out, including the table of contents, so I can write my books fast). Stay tuned to this page for those tutorials coming soon. If you like the current collection of video tutorials, I know you’ll love these titles coming soon too.