About Bart Smith, Author

Who ever thinks one day they’d wind up writing 15+ books on a wide variety of topics from relationships, networking, marketing, coaching, motivation, Bitcoin, to his first cookbook. If you take a look at the amazing work Bart has compiled, you might ask yourself, does this guy ever sleep? Certainly, it is surely a testament to Bart’s love for writing, a driven spirit to share a wealth of knowledge and information and his design skill-set and expertise to get what’s inside his head out to the rest of the world in written/audio/video format.

With nearly three decades of experience in a diverse number of arenas, Bart offers contemporary ideas and how-to’s to get anyone started tackling today’s challenges whether it’s a new venture, clearing your mind of the clutter so you can focus on what’s important to you, finding your soul mate, investing in the future of cryptocurrency, improve your networking skills to meet new people, to Bart’s own tempting yet healthy recipes that have aroused the palates of many. Coaches, take a look at the coaching client forms kit that you can download that covers all the bells and whistles for doing a more competitive business. Multiple writers, published and unpublished, have also turned to Bart for help whether it be for his book writing, ideas, website strategies or marketing expertise.

A prominent high-tech webmaster and designer, Bart builds all of his websites, designs his own book covers and lays out the interiors for all his books. He even records his own books too, for your listening enjoyment. This is a do-it-yourself individual to the ‘nth degree. No waiting to explain what needs to be done, he just gets it done and FAST!

Born in the South (Savannah, GA), Bart has lived in almost every state in the South until settling in Naperville, IL where he attended Junior High and Naperville North High School. A two-time state champion in the hurdles, Bart ran track at the Varsity level for 4 years and played football, as a running back, for 4 years as well. “Sports teaches you a lot about self-discipline, focus, drive, pushing through pain all the way to the finish line like no other activity can …” says Bart. Graduating with a track scholarship to the University of Georgia, he soon found college wasn’t for him so he opted out. Not long after, the Internet came around and he found the ship he should get on. From there, the Internet brought him much success in the areas of eCommerce, shopping carts, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and more.

It was in 1999, Bart started writing (and self-publishing) his first book, B.S. The Book and soon after, Laws Of The Bedroom. Writing books soon become something that would come very easy for him. Writing almost 2-4 books per year taking a year off or so to do other things. To date, Bart’s written 16 books with 5 more in the works and maybe more. What  topics will those cover? Mainly, political in nature, believe it or not. The covers are already done, notes are already compiled, and you can see these books hit the market very soon.

Bart also has a passion for making the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookies; since 1988, mind you. It started in college and soon followed him into the workplace and into a freelancing career. Whether they were made to be shared at a potluck lunch/dinner or to impress future clients (or get past ones to pay up), Bart’s cookies are now loved by thousands of people who’ve tried them. “These are the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had …”, says most people who’ve tried them. You can check out what 300+ other people say about his cookies over at iLoveBartsCookies.com. In the future, you’ll be able to order them at BartsCookies.com or at his retail bakery, which has yet to determine WHERE that location will be. Most likely, Southern California in or around Los Angeles/Beverly Hills/Hollywood. So, stay tuned.

Bart lives in Southern California where he soaks up the sunshine with friends and family alike.