It’s been said that one should be able to visualize a book cover from across the room. Frequently, a book cover will sell a book despite its contents. If you have a well-designed book cover, it should reach out to your intended audience of readers.

Allow me to share some valuable tips on what constitutes a great book cover design based on my own experiences.


What’s the secret to designing world-class book covers? Whenever I am designing a book cover for my own books or for a client, this is how I approach the FRONT cover:

1. _____ Every book cover should have an elegant BACKGROUND.

Whether you make use gradients, shades or patterns, your book should be so appealing that it catches the reader’s eyes and they feel compelled to examine it and buy it. It should be unique among all other books of similar genre.

2. _____ The TITLE should not only captivate the reader’s attention but it should relate, directly or indirectly, to what the book is about.

It should fulfill a need, create intrigue, inform, etc.

3a. _____ I also like to use unique fonts and colors (in the title) that bode well with the theme of the book.

Titles should be about 5 words or less to make it memorable.

3b. _____ I recommend choosing a GRAPHIC that helps depict the story for your book.

I’ve seen books with a photo of the author on the front cover. Spice it up. The title can make you or break you.

4. _____ Using more than one GRAPHIC can also work if it supports what your book is about.

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5. _____ If your title is longer than 5 words, consider using a title and a SUBTITLE.

The use of a subtitle can add value, but keep it concise and to-the-point.

6. _____ What’s a book cover without the AUTHOR’S NAME?

If you co-author a book, put both names on the front cover. Ladies, first!

7. _____ Adding a WEBSITE ADDRESS to the front book cover can be useful for prospective buyers or anyone whose interested in knowing more about the author.

According to the expert book publishers, if you don’t have a website or blog, particularly if you are a self-publisher, it’s one of the biggest mistakes a writer can make.