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What Are They? How Do You Buy/Sell, Send/Receive,
Trade/Exchange, Make Money With Them & So Much More!

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies by Bart SmithWhat’s taking the world by storm that you’re missing out on? A Bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution! Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get in (and make money) in what stands to be the greatest revolution in the world of money and finance online since the Internet was created!

Because there is a lot to learn when it comes to getting involved with Bitcoin and making money with cryptocurrency, I devoted my time and energy into creating a full-color, 8.5″ x 11″ (manual-size) book on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so that you will learn a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

I also have a huge website link resource directory in the back of the book that takes you to websites about Bitcoin ATMs, blockchain transaction websites, Bitcoin blogs/news/magazine websites, Bitcoin calculators, Bitcoin events websites, Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin insurance companies, Bitcoin IRA account website services, Bitcoin lending, Bitcoin mining tools and pools, Bitcoin podcast shows, Bitcoin payment processing services, Bitcoin scam/scheme reviews, Bitcoin trading/bots, Bitcoin VISA® Debit Card issuing, and Bitcoin wallets (Cold, Hot, Hardware, Software).

This book is FULL COLOR on the inside, unlike other black and white (only) text books on Bitcoin. Bitcoin brings about a “gold rush” mental image, hence, I wanted those images to be portrayed properly = IN COLOR! I designed the book to be large (8.5″ x 11″) and read like a beautiful full-color magazine. Easy on the eyes. Easy to read. Easy to digest (all the Bitcoin-related/technical information) you NEED to learn.

I actually use this book in trainings I give on Bitcoin and getting involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It is so helpful to groups and companies who need to teach their clients, friends and associates about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Interview Topic Introduction:

We’ve got a very exciting interview for you. The author of our next book is going to introduce us to the world of bitcoin and digital currency and how we can make money with it. Bart Smith, is going to share with us what is Bitcoin, what can you buy with it, what companies accept it, how do you buy and sell Bitcoin, how do you send and receive it, what are Bitcoin ATMS, Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin mining and how you can make money with Bitcoin. Bart is the author of more than 15 other books on business, self-help, personal development, motivation, networking, marketing relationships, and now bitcoin cryptocurrency and how to make money with it. Please help me welcome my next guest, Bart Smith.

Interview Questions:

  1. What is Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, how do you get some and is cryptocurrency a good investment?
  2. You mention 21 GREAT REASONS why you should get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency! What are 5 reasons that come to mind quickly?
  3. How do Bitcoin transactions actually work? What is the flow?
  4. How you can make money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
  5. How do you buy, sell, send, receive, store, trade and lend Bitcoin?
  6. How do you convert Bitcoins to cash?
  7. How do you buy large amounts of Bitcoin? Where do you go?
  8. What is a Bitcoin wallet and how do you get one?
  9. What is Ethereum and how do I buy it and how much of it should I buy?
  10. What is Ripple (XRP), how/where can I buy it and should I buy some?
  11. What are some security measures one can take to ensure they keep their cryptocurrencies safe from hackers, thieves and phishing agents?
  12. What are some great tips for investing in cryptocurrency?
  13. What is a Bitcoin Visa® debit card and how do you get one?
  14. What is Bitcoin trading and lending and how can they make you money?
  15. What about taxes, regulations and security when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency profits, income and earnings?
  16. How do you get set up to start making money with Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies?
  17. You mention 10 things you can do with your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency earnings. What are 3 things you can do with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
  18. How do you watch out for scams, Ponzi Schemes, crooked mobile apps, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), and other bogus offers designed to steal your Bitcoin!
  19. What Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mobile apps you should install on your phone to help manage your cryptocurrency activities?

Book Details & Purchase Information:

You can learn more about Bart’s book, Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies and the opportunity to make money with him online with Bitcoin by going to his website:


To schedule an interview with Bart, contact his office. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. You can also call (323) 475-8774 PST.



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Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies by Bart Smith



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Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies by Bart Smith

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies by Bart Smith