“Without publicity a terrible thing happens … nothing!”
Legendary Publicist & Entrepreneur, P.T. Barnum

So, your manuscript is written, edited, and now it’s in book form on Amazon.com and other online bookstore outlets as well as eBook formats … CONGRATULATIONS! Now what? MARKETING …

For marketing any book, there are 15 KEY STEPS to check off your list as you accomplish them. Preparation and participating in all these areas (1) helps to ensure you sell books, (2) elevates you as an expert in your field/industry/genre, and (3) increases demand for your services and so much more.

Before hiring a publicist or even asking for assistance with marketing, be sure you understand essential book marketing components. This will enable you to better communicate your needs to a the professional who will assist you.

1. _____ Turn Your Book Into An eBook

Turning your book into an eBook format is highly recommended to increase profits. eBooks are gaining momentum over hard cover and paperbacks books and you don’t want to miss out on these digital sales. Submit your book to Kindle and SmashWords.com and/or BookBaby.com or others to tap into those markets where eBooks fly off the virtual shelf. One good reason to use a variety of eBook venues is because not all reading devices can accommodate all eBook formats.

2. _____ Record Your Book In Audio Format

You might not think about recording your book in audio format, but this is another opportunity to sell most books. This will help you expand your market reach and make sales to those who prefer listening to reading. As a successful author of several books and CDs, there is a market for audio books. Make your own audio book and gain new readers. Frequently, the author is the best person to narrate a book because of familiarity with the topic, characters, words, etc. However, if you don’t have the time or the skill for it, talent available.

3. _____ Testimonials, Reviews & Endorsements

Strive to get at least 10 testimonials or more prior to promoting your book. One of the first things people want to know is WHO READ IT? WHO LIKED IT? WHAT ARE READERS SAYING? Reviews and testimonials serve as tipping points for any potential buyer. So, while you’re hot to sell, share 20-50 copies of your book with family, friends and associates; people you can trust to give you an honest critique. Ask for testimonials within 10 days even if the reader can only comment on a few chapters and post them on your website. Give people the option to leave a voice mail or send an eMail. If you plan to use a testimonial, especially if you “tweak” it, get the reader’s permission to publish it. Testimonials can do some of the marketing for you so be sure they are easy to find … within the first few pages of the book and/or on the back cover.

4. _____ Author and/or Book Website

If you have a website, then you’re ahead of the game. Ideally, you should have a separate website for each book you write. Purchase a domain name with the title of your book such as BSTheBook.com, MotivateYourselfToSucceed.com, MyNetworkingTactics.com, RichCoachBrokeCoach.com, etc. I have individual domain names for each book. Direct people to your book’s website (not your business or personal web page) because selling big time is your new goal.

5. _____ Press Room, Online Press Kit & Author Interview Questions + Web Training/Rehearsal

Here’s the skinny on what your website should include:

_____ Press Room — The beauty of an online press room is that it’s open to the public 24/7. It provides contact information, hi-res images, videos, logos, press/media notices, biography, awards, etc. Your press room should be a work in progress where you’re always adding new and interesting content. Refer interviewers to your press room to familiarize them so their interview with you is spot on. Your goal with your own press room should be to provide an easy to locate, easy to use, and up to date and impressive face. You don’t want to create a press kit at the last minute.

_____ Online Author Press Kit—This kit is typically a downloadable PDF that includes your biography, a heads hot (or other photos), interview questions, and a press release or specific information about you, your book and/or other activities. It is particularly helpful to interviewers and bloggers who want to promote your book.

_____ 10 Interview Questions — If you aren’t using a Print-Ready PDF that the host of a radio or TV show can use to ask questions, then create a list of interview questions (and responses) about you and your book. Be prepared to share what makes you different from other authors because you’ll need to convince your readers that your story is a best seller.

_____ Interview Training/Rehearsal — Whether this is your first interview or you’re a pro and confidently can articulate compelling answers in an interview with flow and flair, do ask someone to role play with you prior to a scheduled interview. Take time to respond to questions. Pick up ideas and make mistakes. You’re learning, rehearsing, and perfecting your skills prior to your broadcast. AND don’t forget to breathe! You’ll be glad you did.

6. _____ Press Release Marketing Campaigns

With a well-written press release and ideal press release distribution company, precisely chosen industries to distribute your press release to, you should attract a fair amount of coverage. Often, this can lead to interviews in print, radio, television and more. Are you ready for the exposure? More and more marketers are engaging buyers with videos, articles, eBooks, and infographics because they are looking for insight. Who is their buyer? What are they thinking? What are they reading? Know your target audience before you launch your marketing campaign.
Before you launch your book, make sure you have all your social media account information such as photos, books, biography, etc. are up-to-date. The most popular social media outlets are:

_____ Facebook.com … Create a fan page on Facebook for your book and name the account (URL) with the title of it. Engage discussions, post photographs and create video messages about you and your book. Facebook is a critical marketing channel for you.

_____ LinkedIn.com … Announce that you have authored a new book to your contacts and that you’re looking for people to review it.

_____ Twitter.com … Twitter keeps book fans updated. If you don’t have an account, set one up and customize it to display your book. Tweet something daily about your book or when you have an event/activity to promote your book.

_____ YouTube.com … Did you make a video book trailer? You should! Post multiple messages recorded via video format with excerpts from book to inspire potential buyers.

_____ What other social networks are you a part of? Are you on Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Vine and more? Sell your eBook on
JVZoo.com, ClickBank.com, or E-Junkie.com. Take advantage of their networking channels!

7. _____ Affiliate Program

Can sales from your book pay a legion of affiliates to promote it to their lists? Affiliate programs always translate to increased revenue. Consider recording your book, creating an eBook and offering a bundled product of print/eBook/audio to generate even more sales opportunities for your affiliates. Start your own affiliate program today and run it through your website. Work with experienced affiliates that will effectively promote and sell more books by linking these promoters to your affiliate marketplace. You can’t afford to pass up this winning opportunity.

8. _____ Book Signings & Parties

Who doesn’t love a party? People enjoy meeting authors. They’re like an enigma because they’ve written a book. These kinds of events can be both fun and profitable. The venue can include new or used bookstores, companies, restaurants, residences, vineyards, theaters, organizations … wherever you can get adequate space to talk about your book, autograph it and sell.

9. _____ Virtual Book Tours

Who said you have to leave your house to promote your book? You can promote your book by phone or webinar with people who have lists of readers/subscribers who would be interested in hearing about your topic. Prepare a mini-seminar about your book and pitch it to people who own websites, blogs, online radio shows, etc. They’d be very interested in giving you a stage to promote your book if it helps or entertains listeners. Create a concise 2-4 page handout with fill-in-the-blanks so your listeners can interact with you on the call. Of course, you can hire a company to assist you with this, but this is something you really can do yourself. No matter what type of virtual book tour you plan (at least 2 months in advance), organization and practice are critical to your success.

10. _____ Public Speaking, Seminars & Workshops

If you choose to speak about your book real time, take that same fill-in-the-blank worksheet that you created for your virtual book tours and give it to your live audience. Speaking engages attention and when the media picks up that you’re wowing audiences locally and/or nationally, they’ll be contacting you. Count on it. Create believers and buyers with your live presentations.

11. _____ Associations, Organizations & Societies

There are a multitude of groups, associations and organizations with open membership that might be interested in hearing about your book. Maybe you’ve written about a specific topic. Focus on these groups first. To find niche groups that might be interested in hearing you speak, search for:

your book’s category + the word “associations”


your book’s category + “organizations”

Do the research, contact them, sign up for membership (if required), and/or ask to speak to their audience of members or be a guest speaker.


_____ Business Associations — Online, conduct a search for organizations near you by city, county, state and/or neighboring state (within driving distance). Find any association that could tie in with your book’s topic.

_____ Listmania (Amazon.com) … is a free marketing Amazon tool for authors that lets people know about products you find interesting. It offers a perfect opportunity to cross-promote your work with best-selling titles that are in your genre. You’ll want to create a book list that will attract your potential audience. You can also create more than one list, if you want to cross promote your work to different audiences.

Here are some author-friendly websites that can help get your book the additional exposure:

_____ AbsoluteWrite.com
_____ AddictedToEbooks.com/submission
_____ AskDavid.com/free-book-promotio
_____ Authonomy.com
_____ AuthorMarketingClub.com/members/submit-your-book
_____ AuthorsDen.com/visit/cat_articles.asp
_____ BiblioConnection.com
_____ BlackCaviar-Bookclub.com
_____ Blog.BooksOnTheKnob.org
_____ BookAndReader.com
_____ BookBrowse.com
_____ BookBuzzr.com
_____ BookHitch.com
_____ BookMooch.com
_____ Books.Google.com/googlebooks/tour
_____ Booksie.com
_____ BookTalk.org/authors-publishers.html
_____ DigitalBookToday.com/join-our-team
_____ eBooksHabit.com/for-authors
_____ Facebook.com/authorsbroadcast (Video Trailers)
_____ FlurriesOfWords.blogspot.ca
_____ Forums.onlinebookclub.org
_____ Freebooksy.com/for-the-authors
_____ GoodKindles.net
_____ Goo.gl/bM4BZK (Amazon.com Authors Forum)
_____ GoodReads.com
_____ JacketFlap.com
_____ Jogena.com/ebookdir/ebookform.htm
_____ Kindlemojo.com/info.php
_____ LibraryThing.com
_____ NothingBinding.com
_____ Scribd.com
_____ Shelfari.com
_____ TheBookMarketingNetwork.com/forum
_____ TheVirtualBookcase.WordPress.com
_____ WattPad.com
_____ WiseGreyOwl.co.uk
_____ Writers.net

12. _____ Large Quantity Book Sales (“Special Market” Book Sales)

Nothing beats receiving an order for 100 or more books from a single buyer. Large quantity book sales or bulk sales are especially lucrative! Who buys large quantities of books?

_____ Companies
_____ Associations
_____ Foundations
_____ Book Clubs
_____ Marketing Organizations
_____ Promotional Product Firms
_____ Network Marketing Companies
_____ Gift & Specialty Catalogs
_____ International Sales

Large quantity book buyers are everywhere. Offer a discount off the retail price of your book so these unique buyers can make a nice profit, too. Naturally, you’ll gain from books sold in bulk, but imagine having 10 companies buying 100 books each! Depending on the price of your book, you might just make 10 x 100 x $5 profit for each book amounting to $5,000 cash in your pocket! Go after those special market sales by searching online so you too can sell your book in r large quantities!

13. _____ Book Printing, In-Bound Order Taking & Fulfillment Preparation

It goes without saying, before you attempt ANY of the previously mentioned book marketing, publicity and promotional tactics, be sure you have a reliable fulfillment service system in place. Without it, you could receive 1,000 orders from one radio show interview only to have your merchant account provider tell you that they’ll be holding your earned funds (from sales) for 90 days! How will you fill large orders or pay your bills? Check out your fulfillment center practices in detail.

14. _____ High-Profile Publicity / PR Coverage

At this stage (assuming you followed many of the suggestions on this checklist), you’re probably ready to take your book promotions and publicity efforts to the next level. More specifically, I’m talking about television, national radio and publications that reach millions.

“In publicity, contacts are everything.”
— PR Week Magazine

KNOW THIS. If you’re serious about reaching thousands, even millions of TV viewers, radio listeners and print readers, then contact my office. Some of my contact alliances may be of assistance to you such as:

  1. Strategic publicity and public relations with a focus on mainstream pop media …
  2. Designing affordable and effective campaigns for personalities and businesses …
  3. Negotiating with the media for maximum client benefit and promotional impact …
  4. Publicist / broker on the sale of exclusive interviews, photos and news material …
  5. Bankable publicity for national products such as a DVD, book or fashion line …
  6. Matching up corporate brands with the right celebrity, spokes model or expert …
  7. Advance / on-site PR for entertainment events, book signings and fund raisers …
  8. Increasing demand for artists, speakers, authors, journalists, and air talent …
  9. Helping clients network with talent agents, directors and speakers bureaus …
  10. Lead publicists / PR management on political or cause-oriented campaigns …
  11. Book publicist and PR counsel to traditional, independent and E-publishers …
  12. Internet publicity and public relations counsel on web image / social media …
  13. Creative director and publicist for photo / video shoots and marketing events …
  14. Guidance and PR counsel on potential TV, book, music and business projects …
  15. Publicist and initial spokesperson on news exclusives or entertainment items …


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