Do you want to write a book for publication? Have you chosen a book printer yet? If you haven’t thought about using to print your book, you should.

I have written more than 10 books and printed all of them using I’ve also referred several of my clients to with 100% satisfaction. Allow me to share the positives I’ve experienced publishing with and then I’ll get right into my checklist for how to prepare your written content for

  • Highest profits paid to you for listing your books on through your account and from wholesale purchases account.
  • 24/7 telephone support always available to answer questions or handle specific printing matters.
  • You can order one book or several books and ship them to one or multiple locations.
  • Unlimited changes to your manuscript and covers. Simply upload a revised version and submit it for a proof as often as needed at NO CHARGE!
  • Order as many proofs as you like. will charge you an inexpensive wholesale rate based on page count. For example, if your book has a page count of 136 pages, the proof might cost $2.36 times the number of proofs you require versus other printers that only give you one free proof and then charge you $30 for each proof thereafter! What if you have three people reviewing a proof of your book? You could be charged $90 for three books! What if you have multiple submissions and need more proofs? In my experience, no printer can compete with
  •’s online digital proofing tool helps you proof your own books, page by page, locate errors, and fix them. This gets your books approved faster for printing.
  • FREE ISBN#’s for your books if you choose not to use your own. I say, “Save your money!”
  • With’s “FREE” EXPANDED DISTRIBUTION, your book will be listed with Baker & Taylor, Ingram, bookstores, online retailers, libraries and academic institutions. will list your book with 20,000+ outlets.


1. ____ If you’re currently with another printer, and you’re not happy with their services or their pricing, consider terminating your relationship with them in steps and let print/distribute your book. Be sure you request all the book files at the current printer be sent to you if you don’t already have copies of them on your own computer.

2. ____ Create a free account, which will hold ALL your book titles. Don’t create separate accounts per book title or break up your different book title royalties into different accounts. This is not good. If you work with clients, don’t put their book titles in your account. Create individual accounts for their books. If you co-author a book, create a separate account for that book. Don’t let other people into your personal CreateSpace account and don’t mix royalty payments!

3. ____ Enter your first book title for print through CreateSpace and follow all the prompts that direct you. When asked, DO NOT select AMAZON and EXPANDED DISTRIBUTION until your book is ready for sale. You’ll want to proof a hard copy of your book prior to any distribution.

4. ____ Prepare and upload your book to be printed with CreateSpace by generating two PDF files (one PDF for the interior pages and another PDF for the back/spine/front cover files). If you need help creating a book cover, you can download a cover template from CreateSpace to help you design it. Caution: BOTH PDF files should be prepared by a professional skilled in working with book files and printers.

5. ____ After you upload your book files, proof them digitally online with their proofing tool. Once you have fixed any errors and both files are uploaded, submit them for review. The review process takes about 24 hours.

6. ____ Once your interior and cover PDF files are approved for printing, you will be sent an eMail saying you can now order proof copies! DO NOT ORDER A PROOF, because they only allow you to order a minimum quantity and the word “PROOF” is printed on the last page.

Approve your book digitally and then order copies that can be shipped to one/more locations. If CreateSpace finds mistakes and doesn’t approve your book for printing, you’ll be directed to fix them (such as alignment) and resubmit your PDF file(s) for another review.

7. ____ Once you have received your book proof in the mail, read it, review it, ask others to view it for obvious errors. Make any necessary changes and resubmit the files for another review session.

8. ____ ONLY when you believe your book is ready for sale, activate the AMAZON and Expanded Distribution sales channels. Finish any other sales descriptions, set your book price, and you’re ready to unleash your written work to the world for sale!

9. ____ Start marketing your book and making $$$ as a new author through!