Business Books by Bart Smith

Here are three business-related books that also touch on marketing, publicity, getting on TV as a TV guest, making money, audio recording, conducting interviews, video recording, writing books, social media, website design, eMail marketing, and so much more! No, I mean it … so much more!

How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest by Bart Smith

If you want to be a TV guest on a TV show one day, here’s the book to read on how it’s done. Also, be sure to check out my website, to learn even more!

Doing Great Business In Tough Times by Bart Smith

Struggling to succeed in your business right now? Tough times? Here’s the book for you! Even I like to revisit this book when I’m experiencing “tough times” in my business.

My Checklists by Bart Smith

Wow, 70+ checklists on what to do, how to do it, step-by-step! Wait ’til you see what kind of business/marketing checklists are inside this one-of-a-kind book of checklists.