If you ever need to contact via phone for help with any aspect of your CreateSpace book publishing account, here’s how to reach them and have them call you!

Calling Customer Support via Telephone When You Need Help

Of course, you will need to have an account with CreateSpace, know your Member ID number and the main eMail address on file for them to be able to assist you.

IF you are calling in on behalf of an account holder, or you (the account holder) are having someone call in on your behalf, be sure CreateSpace has been notified beforehand via support ticket that you would like to add someone to your account who has the authority to call in to discuss your account. Again, this is typically done via support ticket (message to CreateSpace), in which the owner of the account sends CreateSpace a request that reads something like this:

Please allow Bart Smith (, Tel# 000-000-0000) to be able to ask questions and make changes to the account as needed. Thank you. – Susan Anderson, CreateSpace Account Owner (Member ID# 0000000)

With 24-48 hours, CreateSpace will respond with a letter that looks something like:

Hello Susan A.,

Warm greetings from CreateSpace Member Services!

This email is to confirm that I’ve added Bart Smith, “” as an approved contact on your account. He or she now has full access which includes the ability to change the e-mail address and password on the account, change and view royalty payment information, and even add or remove contacts.

Thank you for contacting CreateSpace! As always, please feel free to write back in case you have any further queries.

Best regards,

CreateSpace Member Services

That’s it!


To have CreateSpace call you for telephone support, log into your account at to initiate that telephone call where they call you!