While your book title is Incomplete, I’d like to go over the Sales Channels that are available to you, in relation to your book title, and give you a few tips and some professional advice as to what you should know and do about your sales channels during this period.

Bottom line, while you’re working on your book, until you’re really ready to start selling through Amazon, Expanded Distribution, and other sales channels, only select CreateSpace eStore as the only channel available. The reason for this is to hide your book from the public (via Amazon and other sales channels) while you’re working on it, and use the CreateSpace eStore sales channel option to order your own books in any quantity you want.

Let's Review Your Book Title "Sales Channels" Even Though Your Book Is "Incomplete"

You might want to order copies for yourself for private proofing purposes. While that’s going on, don’t let the public see or buy your book on Amazon (or through other sales channels) when you haven’t reviewed it a couple times in-hand. Only after you’ve submitted a few revised manuscripts for a second or third proofing (and order a few books to review in-hand) would it be wise to unleash your book to the world via the remaining channels.


Log into your CreateSpace account to review your sales channel selections (per title) by clicking on the button below.