When it comes to the actual writing of your book, keep all of these tips, tactics and items in mind. Every one of them will have some kind of influence on the success of your book.

  • Remember “titles sell books alone!” If you have a great title, your book might sell 50% more copies just because you have a great title. Sharp, snappy, original titles sell a lot more books than those which are long and just describe the contents inside. Give your book a title people will go, “Wow, I’ve never heard of this book! I have to know what’s inside! I’m going to buy it!”
  • Make your title reflect your enthusiasm for the book and its subject matter. A really great title can provide most of the energy the customer needs to overcome his resistance to purchase! It can put the WANT in “I WANT THAT BOOK!”
  • With the Introduction, you set the tone for your book. Know WHY you are writing the book, WHAT you are writing about, and for WHOM (your target audience) you writing your book!
  • What is your PURPOSE for writing YOUR BOOK?
  • What EXPERIENCE, TRAINING, RESEARCH and KNOWLEDGE do you HAVE that you wish to SHARE with your READER?
  • When you’re ready to write, start by creating individual TEXT FILES PER CHAPTER (using any good word processor) in your computer within ONE SINGLE FILE FOLDER appropriately named for the title of your book. Here’s where you will organize and drop information and text regarding each Chapter and sub-chapter you write.
  • You may also wish to create a THREE-RING BINDER in which to organize your thoughts (on the run) while writing this new book. Insert SEPARATORS, appropriately named per chapter, then carry this THREE-RING BINDER with you wherever you go. Whenever you have an idea or thought about a particular subject/topic that should go into your book, open up the THREE-RING BINDER and write it down in the appropriate chapter section. When you go home, type in that idea, paragraph or thought into the appropriate chapter, save and voila! … you didn’t miss a beat!
  • Write as MUCH as possible, as QUICKLY as possible, and yet as DETAILED as possible.
  • The purpose of writing quickly is to get SOMETHING/ANYTHING down. Writing quickly helps to keep your thoughts flowing and your memory jogged!
  • Write using your computer or write by hand, it doesn’t matter. There are pros/cons to both. Do both! Just write! You can also use voice-dictation software to help you along the way. The best software recommended for this is: Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have this software and I have tried a number of others, yet I still find Dragon Naturally Speaking to be the best.
  • Speed write if you can. Speed talk! Hey, why not?!?! Keep thoughts and ideas always flowing. You can always review and rewrite it later. Better to have MORE THAN YOU NEED only to CUT DOWN what you don’t like than to HAVE LITTLE OR NONE and NOT HAVE enough to work from.
  • Writer’s block? Forget about it. Write ANYTHING, and I mean A*N*Y*T*H*I*N*G to get the old tanker working again. Do some RESEARCH! Fill your mind with more words, ideas and thoughts from others’ work. Take a BREAK, walk outside, grab something to drink, stretch a bit.
  • Start writing with WHERE YOU ARE at the present moment, not WHERE you WANT TO BE or where you WILL END UP. Just start right now, where you are.
  • WRITE LIKE YOU TALK, like you speak. This is not English class. A majority of your readers can’t tell grammar from grammor. Spelling they can! Grammar? Eh, write like you talk. It all depends on the subject matter covered. Technical writing may need to be a little more formal, than say MARKETING material! 😉 So, TALK to your reader (through your writing), you’ll have the chance to clean up any unwanted slang that slipped later in the editing phase.
  • Remember, this should be a CREATIVE and EXPLORATORY PLEASURE EPISODE for you.
  • Write as though you are GIFTING your KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE to others for their sole ENJOYMENT & BENEFIT.
  • Oh, do remember though, you are also writing for money, fame and fortune. That also comes with being an author. 😉
  • Write 1-3 hours a day and 3-10 hours on the weekend. Or more whenever you can, everyday. But write!
  • Never go to bed without writing something; even 10 minutes worth or one page worth!
  • When it is not convenient to carry around your THREE-RING BINDER, carry around with you a LITTLE NOTE PAD to jot down ANY IDEAS that come to mind during the day or NIGHT! Jot them down or you WILL forget them! They are fleeting thoughts for sure!
  • When writing, avoid contact with the world. Turn the phone over to voice mail, shut off the radio, etc. This is a period of deep concentration.
  • Look around you for resources to help you – go there if need be: bookstores, coffee shops to relax, libraries, meetings, seminars, etc.
  • Once you’re in your writing mode, get comfortable, and remember, write from the heart.
  • There’s a book inside each and every one of us. All you have to do is to take what’s already inside of you and put it down on paper!
  • Once you have it down on paper, others will know what’s inside you. They will know how organized you are, how methodical, determined, dedicated you are to solving problems, including those that belong to (future) customers.
  • Writing a book makes YOU an EXPERT on your subject or industry! Writing a book is easier than you think and practically generates instant credibility in all that you do. A great marketing tool for the independent consultant.


How do you write a book in 90 days? Easy! Write one page per day for 90 days and you’ll have a 90-page book in 90 days! Or, write a couple pages per day (within that 90 days) with a few days off (for good behavior).

If you write your book using Microsoft Word (or another word processor) to write your book and you change the margins from 8.5″ x 11″ to 5.25″ x 8.25″, you’ll discover the “page count” of your book will increase very quickly! That’s the size of the actual page you’re writing on is smaller than 8.5″ x 11″. A good thing! Remember to keep your paragraphs simple, write using lots and lots of bullets, etc.


This is one of my favorite kinds of books to write … “21 MISTAKES PEOPLE MAKE ____________________!”

Most likely, you have experience, training, expertise, knowledge, know-how, etc., in one or more fields, whether they be personal or business (topics of interest). Maybe, you have a hobby or a profession you’ve been working at for more than 10-20 years. Then, you’re a prime candidate to write a “101 BOOK!” Think about it, you probably know “101 WAYS” to do “that which you are very good at!”

When I wanted to write a book about business networking with people, and I wanted to write it fast, all I did was number a list from 1-101 in a spiral notebook. Then, I kicked back on the bed and started listing (by hand) 101 ways (I personal knew and used) to “network with others!”

When I came up with with 101 ways to network with others, I knew I had the material to write my book. Do you need to come up with 101 ways to ___ write a book? No, can you come up with 12? or 10 ways to ___? Or, 7 ways? Sure! I just like “21 MISTAKES” books because they’re filled with content and make great audio products when they’re done! It doesn’t take long to come up with the main content for these books. For example, guess how long it took me to write out the list of “101 Ways To Network?” Less than two hours! I remember starting at started at 4:04 A.M. and ending at 5:56 A.M. All I had to do then, was come up with the FRONT PAGES and the BACK PAGES, an introduction, descriptive content for each of my 101 networking tactics, and my book was done!

“Since you wrote this book, I want you to solve my problems!
Because I know you’re the EXPERT.” – Your Reader