Getting FREE publicity and using the media to get the word out about your business, service, product, and/or profession, is one of the most under used methods of marketing you could spend time on.

Remember this quote when dealing with the media … “Help them do their job!” What does it mean? It means, don’t make members of the media and other people struggle to get information about you so they can conduct a good interview with you or write about you in their papers.

The purpose of a Press Room is to post any and all items concerning you and your business in a central place where the media and others will find what they need to do their jobs! The easier you make it for them to view interview questions, biography, photographs, press releases, write-ups and articles, the easier it will be for them to say, “When can we interview you!”

A great Press Room must have at least some of the following sections so the media can pick and choose the information that answers their questions and meets their publishing needs.

1. ___ About You

This section either addresses you and your business or links to the About Us page on your website. When the media visits your Press Room and require more information about you, your company, product, refer them to your online Press Room.

2. ___ Articles, Stories, News Releases

You should provide links to articles and more in your media room. Articles give members of the media ideas for their own shows, especially if the work is inspiring.

3. ___ Awards and Recognition

Have you received any awards or recognition for what you do? Post these achievements in your Press Room.

4. ___ Biography

Make it easy for the media to learn more about you in your Press Room. Make your biography available via PDF so it’s printable from your website and can be read on air or noted in a TV introduction.

5. ___ Highlights & Special Announcements

Do you announce new products, services, etc. to your lists? Post these in your Press Room for media attention. The media thirsts for information so keep it updated and interesting.

6. ___ Facts & Figures

Are there any particular facts or figures the media or visitors to your website could know about your company success, earnings, stock market performances, etc.? Post this data under Facts & Figures or Fact Sheets.

7. ___ Images / Photo Gallery

This is a must-have section in your Press Room. When the media or others ask for more about you, refer them to your Press Room where they can download web-ready or high resolution images of you, your products, book covers, etc. Provide 72 dpi (for web use) and 300 dpi (for print use) image quality in your image gallery

8. ___ Interview (Your Name)

This is another must-have section of your Press Room. When members of the media peruse your Press Room and see a section called, “Interview Bart Smith,” they might just be inclined to pick up the phone and call you, immediately. In this section, you can list other ways to contact you, in addition to a list of questions they might ask you about you, your business, etc.

9. ___ Interview Questions & Talking Points

Make it easy for the media and others to interview you. Create a list of ideal questions or “talking points” and make them available on your website. You can either list these questions on their own page, and/or provide a download link to a PDF that can be printed for easy reference.

10. ___ Investor Relations

Are you looking for investment capital to fund your growing business? Mention it in your Press Room. Sometimes a simple statement that you’re looking for investors will generate interest. You might also list documents or references to where your stock information (if any) can be found for serious investors.

11. ___ Latest News

What’s the latest development in your business? Do you have a new product? Did you attend (or plan to) a seminar or networking event? Share the latest and greatest happenings in your world from your Press Room.

12. ___ Media Contact Information

This section is a must-have area, too, should the anyone wish to contact your relating to your website, publicity, public relations, media, interviews, etc.. Have a separate phone number for media only calls and provide customers, affiliates and prospects with another number.

13. ___ Networking & Sightings

Will you be attending a networking event, seminar, workshop or other public showing? List it inside your Press Room under a section called, “Sites & Appearances” for a couple of reasons:

(1) It lets people know where you’ll be so they can attend the same event with hopes of meeting you. (2) Get lots of photos for your Press Room (and not “selfies”). You give the media and others options when you post more than one photo on your site. Multiple photos can stimulate more interest. Don’t sell your short when it comes to using photos to promote what your business.

14. ___ News & Media Coverage

Are you getting attention by the public eye? Post the buzz about you on your website. Use other company logos and corporate sponsors if appropriate in your Press Room. Sign up for Google Alerts, which communicates via email with updates when your name, product, company are mentioned on the Web.

15. ___ Newsletter Sign-Up

If you have an online newsletter or eZine, invite the media and others to subscribe to it so they’re always updated.

16. ___ Podcast Shows

Do you have your own online radio or podcast show? You can post a link to those recordings and/or how to listen to future podcast shows. If you don’t know what a podcast show is, check out my tutorial at called, “Create Your Own Podcast Show.”

17. ___ Media Kit (Online)

This is the online version of a regular media kit. Members of the media interested in interviewing you or having you on a show will request a media kit. Depending on the nature of your business, your media kit might include: press releases, photos, a copy of your book/article, a list of interview questions, a DVD of a speaking engagement, business cards and anything the media might request of you. With the Internet, videos can be viewed online, interview questions downloaded, images copied/saved/printed and more.

18. ___ Press Releases

Press releases are newsworthy, one-page announcements about you, your book, a new joint venture, or other events written for distribution by the media. Press releases are not advertisements. They are crafted to “inform”. Ideally, you should post at least one new press release in your media room weekly.

19. ___ Product Information

Reviews or Synopsis: Again, make it easy to get information about you and your products/services with quick links to your Press Room. When someone’s surfing your Press Room and learns what you offer, with one click you could be selling or motivating someone to contact you, directly.

20. ___ TV/Radio Interviews

Were you recorded on a TV or radio show? Post it in your Press Room. If a prospective interviewer knows you’ve been a guest on other stations, you establish credibility with other interviewers.

21. ___ Rave Reviews

What are others saying about you? Provide a quick link to testimonials and praise in your Press Room. There’s a good chance your audience might be interested in hiring you as a guest speaker or participant in a number of different programs.

22. ___ Reports

Do you have financial information (annual or financial reports) that can be uploaded to your website and Press Room? In disclosing this type of data, people respect your transparency and authenticity and are prompted to know more about you and work with you.

23. ___ Social Networking Profiles

Are you registered with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+? List all of your social networking sites in your Press Room. People that want to learn more about you, can check your social networking pages and connect with you there.

24. ___ Speaking & Seminar Coverage

Do you conduct tele-seminars, webinars or teaching/training events? Provide a link to your calendar in your Press Room. People that have heard you speak may be interested in your other engagements. Be sure to include photos. Some might be interested in hiring you for their next event.

25. ___ Video Presentations & Coverage

Do you have videos on your website or take advantage of for video sharing? has more than 1 billion users! This is premium real estate for communicating your brand, business, and more. Create a section in your Press Room to show videos or provide a link to a web page where they can be viewed.