There are lots of reasons to write a book. Here are just a few of my favorite …


You’ll make more money if you write a book!

  • You’re now the expert. Experts are paid more money than those who are NOT! So, write a book.
  • Sell your book! Because you have a product, you can earn EXTRA income. When you start to sell (at least) 30 books per month (or 1/day) x $20/book, you’ll make an extra $600 a month. Could you use an extra $600 a month? I thought so …
  • Sell the eBook version of your book. Again, more profits. No printing costs + digitally delivered = excellent profits for you.
  • Sell the audio recording of your book. When you record your book and sell it on a CD, you profit LOTS, because the cost to replicate CD’s is almost 90% cheaper than printing a real book.
    Sell coaching and consulting services. You’re the expert, right? So, offer your “expertise” via one-on-one coaching. You could charge $250 for one hour; buy two, get one free for a total of $500 (3 hours).
  • Sell seminars and workshops based on your book. Take your book, create a seminar/workshop on the basis of your chapters. When you do, you can charge (almost) anything you want. Imagine, 50 people (in a room) paying $100 per person. You just made $5,000 that day for training them “in person!”
  • Create an eClass out of your book. With eClasses, you can train online and via telephone. You don’t have to rent training rooms or travel anywhere. Instead, you conduct the entire training over the telephone, via eMail and the Web. Imagine 50 people signing up for a month-long eClass, where you host 4 two-hour tele-seminars, accompanied with web site/eMail homework for the price of $500 per student. So, $500 x 20 students = $10,000 (in gross revenue that month) for teaching people from home in your pajamas.
  • Audio record your next seminar, based on your book, and sell the audio recording for extra cash to those who attended the actual seminar (who didn’t take notes) and those who couldn’t attend your seminar. It’s that easy. Even if you have only 10 people in the audience, you can still record your seminar and sell the audio recording to make a profit to those who couldn’t attend.
  • Video record your next live (in-person) seminar, based on your book, and sell the video/DVD recording for extra cash to those who attended the actual seminar and those who couldn’t attend your seminar in person. It’s that easy. Even if you have only 10 people in the audience, you can still video record yourself speaking and sell the audio recording to make a profit.
  • You could conduct webinars, training people online using your computer, based on your book, depending on the subject nature of your book.

You’ll make more money when you own/build your own list of prospects, clients, and affiliates interested in what you have to say/write, teach, share, train and provide (via writing a book).

When you have over 1,000 people on your list, you can start selling advertising. When you have over 5,000 people on your list, your chances of earning extra money when you eMail them grows! When you have over 15,000 people on your list, whoa, your chances of making serious income truly accelerate!

  • People are more apt to “signup to your list” to receive free chapters from your book.
  • People are more apt to “signup to your list” to receive free excerpts from your book.
  • People are more apt to “signup to your list” to receive an audio course based on your book.
  • People are more apt to “signup to your list” to receive something for free based on your book whenever you give live talks, radio interviews, eZine write-ups, book tour tele-seminars, etc.
  • When you have a book, people are more apt to signup for your newsletter (if you have one) based on your book.

You’ll create more leads (and make more money) for yourself when you write a book.

  • You can easily get speaking jobs, when you write a book, which usually result in more book sales and income.
  • You can easily get on the radio, because you wrote a book. Authors are always interviewed on the radio. Radio can expose you to hundreds, even thousands, perhaps millions of potential customers!
  • You can easily get on TV, because you wrote a book. I have a friend of mine, an author, who sold over 12,000 copies of her book when she appeared on just one morning talk show. Wow! Do what you can to get on TV!
  • You can easily approach business owners of large lists to conduct free tele-seminars (talking to their lists) so you can expose the benefits/highlights of your book to others!
  • Authors often get interviewed/mentioned in newspapers, magazines, inside eZines, on blogs, etc. Remember, authors are the author-ity!

You’ll increase the number of speaking opportunities, all because you wrote a book.

  • You can speak (alone) about your book to audiences who want to hear more about your topic.
  • You can get hired to speak at events, luncheons, keynotes, workshops, trade shows and seminars.
  • You can get asked to speak at colleges, high schools, vocational schools, private schools, etc.
  • Speaking opportunities help you make more money because you get to expose your book, products, services and once in awhile, you’ll even get asked to speak at someone else’s event.

There are many other reasons to write a book, besides those mentioned above. Here are just a few …

  • Set the record straight! Maybe you have a certain point view on a particular subject that needs more clarification. So, write about it and spread the word!
  • Maybe you’ve always dreamed of writing a book. So, do it, for yourself and no one else!
  • Maybe you’d like to pass down what you know to others. Again, write a book!

Need a little MOTIVATION for writing your book beyond the dream of becoming an EXPERT on your subject? Alright, keep this in mind, my future-author friend:

I say a potential $10,000 a month gross income because it might just come from the following list of busy activities:

  • Book Sales1 (Average 5 Sales per day x 30 days per month x an average $19.95 selling price = $2,992.50 monthly gross income)
  • Seminar Sales2 (1 Seminar per month, 20 attendees per Seminar at an average of $50 per person = $1,000 monthly gross income)
  • Consulting Opportunities3 (21 hours per week x 4 weeks at $75 to $125 per hour = $6,300 to $10,500 monthly gross income)

TOTAL POTENTIAL GROSS INCOME = $10,292.50 to $14,492.50 PER MONTH!!!

  • 1Book sales generated from Internet marketing tactics, eMail marketing tactics, eZine marketing tactics, book signings, mini-seminars, networking, radio interviews, in-person meetings, press releases, joint venture marketing tactics, book reviews, etc.
  • 2Seminars include a FREE copy of your book for all paying attendees or discounts off your product line or list of services.
  • 3With every book sale comes a potential client and/or the additional exposure awarded to authors to market their consulting services to new clients.
    While there are many other reasons to write a book, only you can decide why you want to write a book. Hopefully, I’ve help point out several reasons why you should! Can you think of any others? Write them down and remember, always, why you need to write that book!