When writing your book, keep this in mind; there are essentially three main sections you will need to write:

These three sections make up the basic layout of your book.

Now, depending on the software program you might want to use to write your book (i.e., Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, etc.) you might choose to save your work in three separate files:

FRONT PAGES | 01-front-pages.doc (… you can use Microsoft Word)

BODY / CHAPTERS | 02-body-content.doc (… you can use Microsoft Word)

BACK PAGES | 03-back-pages.doc (… you can use Microsoft Word)

You could also just save them in one document file. It’s up to you and what you feel comfortable with. The reason why you might want to organize your files this way is that they’ll be easier to “originally create” and “manage separately”, as opposed to creating and managing them all within one large file.

Then, when each of these sections are finished, simply print them individually to PDF and then merge them using Adobe Acrobat into one single PDF file. Be sure to send your fonts to your printer, and you’re set!